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05/10/2014 Buenos Aires Herald - Nota - Argentina 
Sabbatella’s party rallies in Villa Crespo 

In addition to the rally held by the Buenos Aires provincial chapter of the Peronist Party in Tandil, the Nuevo Encuentro and Socialist Confederation held rallies in Buenos Aires during which they underlined their alliance with the Victory Front (FpV) and with President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
Their loyalty has never been in any doubt but neither Nuevo Encuentro — headed by Martín Sabbatella — nor the Socialist Confederation are formally part of the Victory Front (FpV) and the parties took the opportunity to brandish their pro-government and Kirchnerite credentials.
The rallies were attended by key FpV figures such as Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque of the Kirchnerite youth group La Cámpora, Lower House Speaker Julián Domínguez, CTA umbrella union leader Hugo Yasky and Malvinas Affairs Secretary Daniel Filmus.
At the Nuevo Encuentro event — held under the slogan “Cristina present and future” and estimated to have been attended by 30,000 activists — Martín Sabbatella told the crowd that “this full stadium is the result of a many years of work in each neighbourhood, school and corner of the country. The result of a historic process that (former president) Néstor Kirchner founded.”
Sabbatella, who is also the head of the AFSCA media watchdog, underlined the importance of activism and the recent rallies held by La Cámpora at the Argentinos Juniors stadium and the Movimiento Evita at Ferrocarril Oeste.
Nuevo Encuentro’s rally was staged at the Atlanta football ground in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Villa Crespo.
Larroque was also in attendance at the rally organized by the Socialist Confederation, which was headlined by lawmaker Jorge Rivas, who sits within the FpV caucus in the Lower House.
While also reiterating their support for the national government, the messaging from the Confederation leadership also lambasted other factions that are currently part of the opposition, namely the Socialist Party headed by the lawmaker and presidential hopeful Hermes Binner.
“(We are) a socialist alternative to the bureaucratic reactionary right-wing apparatus that has become of the Socialist Party” said Rivas yesterday.
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